Matrescence Health Quiz

There are eight pillars that contribute to your matrescence health.  We offer a quiz that can help you get an idea of your ‘matrescence health score.’  Please know that this quiz is a limited snapshot of how you are doing at the moment and cannot possibly be a full picture of your matrescence journey.  However, it can be helpful to show you areas in which you are doing well and areas that could use some help.  
Please come back in a few weeks to see our updated, online version of the Matrescence Health Quiz!  

Request the Quiz!

Change is hard, especially when you feel burnt out and overwhelmed.  As a mom of many, I have been there.  I am so glad you are taking an active step towards learning to thrive in your role as a mother by requesting this quiz. Often, diagnosing the root of the problem moves us toward finding a solution.  There is a path towards thriving in your role and I can help you find it.