Hello, my name is Andie and I am a matrescence coach.

My road to embracing motherhood wasn’t always smooth and I’m guessing yours hasn’t been either.

I remember a day when my firstborn was about two months old. I was trying to nurse her in a cry room at our church when an elderly woman sweetly said to me, “When you hold and nurse her, don’t you just know the reason for your existence?” I tried to politely nod but inside I felt like I was actually dying as I had been fighting depression and even regret that I had made this life-changing, irreversible decision to become a mom. I didn’t feel the magical sense of purpose that this older woman was alluding to and I worried that I did not have what it takes to be a mom.

The years went by and many more babies came into my life (eight to be exact!) I walked through some very dark seasons and came to the end of myself time and time again as I often wondered why motherhood had to be this hard. Becoming a mother forced me to confront my own grief, fears, and trauma. Years later, as I was pursuing a master’s degree in Biblical Counseling, I came across a term called matrescence – the developmental changes a woman goes through when she becomes a mother.

This season is as powerful and life-altering as adolescence yet the word isn’t even recognized by spell check, let alone our society! Despite the fact that women experience just as many hormonal, physical, and cognitive changes as a teenager experiences in adolescence, we as a collective community have virtually no specific resources to support this process. When I began to read the works of anthropologist Dana Raphae, who coined the term in 1973 and devoted her career to helping women see the significance of the psychological, physical, and spiritual changes that occur during matrescence, I began to evaluate my own mothering journey through that lens. 

What if I’d had a mentor during the early, formative years of my motherhood journey that helped me see the normalcy and value of my struggles?  What if I had been part of a community of women who had walked the road ahead of me and held my hand and heart as I experienced the painful and beautiful metamorphosis of motherhood?

This is how Gospel Matrescence was born…through a long, messy, and miraculous journey of transformational motherhood.  When you add the power of the Gospel to the deep understanding of matrescence, you get insight and community that breathes life and hope into the beauty of motherhood.  Please take some time to look around this website, listen to a podcast episode, read a testimony, and maybe even join a Gospel Matrescence Coaching Group. Your children will thank you for it.